Looking for some tools, or supplies?

Wondering what sorts of tools/materials I use for various projects?  This is the page for you!  While not an exhaustive list, this covers some of the essentials, and random other things I find helpful.  Not only does this give you a decent starting point for kicking off your next project, it’s also a great reference for myself, for when I’m trying to find a particular item again.  So, expect the lists to change, over time. Added bonus:  If you click-through, and purchase anything from Amazon, you’re helping me buy my next cup of coffee!

Sculpting tools and materials are highly subjective, and can also vary from project to project, depending on what the goals are.  This is a list of the ones I prefer most, but is certainly not an end-all list of useful materials, and tools; there are pros and cons to everything.  These are some fairly high-level items, as going into every individual thing wouldn’t really be practical.

Just like with sculpting, different paint and painting tools, can suit different projects.  These are things I find myself using the most.

Power Tools

These would be impractical to list, and a few are quite old, passed down from my grandfather.  But, a brief rundown of stuff I use the most.


  • Dremel
  • Air Compressor
  • Drill Press
  • Bandsaw
  • Table Saw
  • Dust Collector
  • Cordless drills
  • Jigsaw
  • Random Orbit Sander
  • Dust Extractor (vacuum)
Molding / Casting
Molding and casting materials are HIGHLY dependent on the application, but again, these are what I use most often.

  • Rebound 25
  • Mold Star 15
  • Smooth-Cast 65D
  • Smooth-Cast 325
  • Plasti-Paste II
  • Free Form Air
  • EpoxAcoat

I’m not much of a photographer, however I’ve found a few things to help me out.


Nothing to see at the moment, still deciding what to put here.